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Computer Consulting


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Here you will find answers to the most commonly asked questions pertaining to the site.

Q. What is Computer Consulting about?
A. We here at Computer Consulting offer free online advice pertaining to the personal desktop environment.  We aim to help those who are just starting out with setup, maintenance, and problem solving during their personal computing experience.

Q. Where can I find drivers, downloads, patches, and fixes for my PC?
A.  There are many resources available.  We suggest you try our resources page for the latest and up-to-date downloads, patches, and fixes for your computer.


Q.  If I need more indepth help where can I go for that help?  Who can I contact in case of an emergency or specific problem?
A.  We have several sources and points of contact.  We recommend you to visit our CONTACT and FAVORITE categories located on this page.  There you will find forums, contact information and other valuable points of reference to get you back to where you need to be within your personal computing environment.

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